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New Bohemia: Retro Wonderland

Written by Natalie Garza

Photo by Natalie Garza

After my first successful visit to New Bohemia, I was interested in finding out a little more about the store itself. I had the pleasure of speaking with manager Mallory Hublein, who was nice enough to answer all of my questions about this local retro resale, or vintage, store.

New Bohemia has been located right in the heart of SoCo for 10 years. I think the first thing that most people notice is that the store is overflowing with vintage items. Although it may seem overwhelming at first, the store is actually very organized. This makes it much easier on a shopper who knows exactly what they are looking for. It’s also helpful for someone just browsing because everything is divided by style. The employees were really knowledgeable and helpful when I asked how the store was laid out.

The store has plenty of jewelry for every occasion. Photo by Natalie Garza.

The clothing that the store sells comes from all over the country. With 5 vendors and the owner all personally handpicking the items in bulk, it’s no wonder the store has so much stuff. The owner has a whole warehouse of clothing, accessories, and shoes ready to be moved into the store as needed.

“We could go on for years if there was a sudden clothes shortage,” Hublein said.

New Bohemia has appointments with its vendors every day and pick out the items that are most popular among customers. Like any retail store, this is constantly changing.

A wall full of slips, nightgowns, and fur coats screams Elizabeth Taylor .

Once they have the clothing to sell, it needs to be organized in the store. Although most items come from the vendors with description tags, it always helps to have some knowledge about the authenticity of vintage clothing. This includes checking the tags sewn on the item, the construction of it, the zippers (for example, metal zippers were common before the 1970s), and the type of fabric.

This is a great detailed post about shopping for vintage clothing.

After I bought this dress from New Bohemia, I planned to take a picture of the description tag because it was filled with great details about it. Unfortunately, when I got home, I couldn’t find the tag. It turns out that the store cuts off the tag when a customer buys the item. The store keeps these tags for their records and as a way to keep track of trends and what is most popular among customers.

Hublein said that New Bohemia is different from other vintage stores in Austin because it caters to everyone. Austinites and out-of-towners alike can find something that fits their style in this unique store. I’ll definitely visit New Bohemia the next time I’m looking for something special.