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Summer and Spring are a Hogwild Thing: Dress & Jumpsuit Review

By Destinee Hodge

On my visit to Hog Wild Vintage I had a ball. Not only was there a wide selection of clothes to choose from, but they were all so well priced.  Before I could even get inside I was held-up by the sales racks outside the store. One rack had half-off items and the other had clearance clothing. Items for both men and women were included on the racks.

Sales Rack

I think that is an important tidbit since many of my guy friends are always complaining that they can never find men’s clothes as cheap as women can. Perhaps they should go vintage shopping a little more often. I think I should also mention that when I say clearance, I mean clearance. They had tops as cheap as $3 or $5 on the racks outside.

60s jumpsuit- $8

There were two items that really popped out as I perused the racks both inside an out. I was looking for clothes that would work for weather that we’re currently facing here in Austin. Both this 60s jumpsuit and 70s dress fit the bill perfectly. Not only are they exceptionally priced, (and for a bargain hunter like myself, that’s all-important) but they are in great condition.

From my experience, by the time clothes hit the clearance rack, they’re pretty much the worst of the worst. Save for a stain on the dress, both were in great condition. I think both items would be great for a day out on the town (especially if they’re coupled with a nice belt).

70s Dress- $12.50