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A One of a Kind

Why vintage? Because it’s one of a kind! Styling is a form of expression and communication. One of many reasons why people choose vintage style is to show who they are through pieces they cannot find at typical stores in the country. For example, if I purchase a hoodie from Hollister, I see at least ten other girls wearing the same thing on campus.

One local store near UT campus is Buffalo Exchange. It is a thrift store located in many different states, but items you find is one of a kind! Though I do not find things that fit my style all the time, the fun comes from shopping through hundreds of clothings and accessories and finding an item just for me. Last year, I purchased a handbag that I absolutely love to carry with a various style of clothings.

(STEVEN from Steve Madden)

The quality is also decent. Items especially from thrift stores can be worn off and unusable. But anything ‘vintage’ is high in quality even through time.