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Cream of the Crop

By Natalie Garza

2532 Guadalupe Street Austin, Texas 78705

Cream Vintage has had a huge influence on my personal style. It was the first vintage store I’d ever been to. Now, it’s the place I shop at most often. It seems as though there’s always some perfect dress just waiting for me to find it in the racks. I went into the store  yesterday with the intention of taking some pictures and interviewing the owner, Rob Jasinski. NOT shopping. I don’t know who I was kidding. As I walked in, I saw an awesome dress on the mannequin in the window display and just had to try it on. Ironically enough, it was a cream-colored dress.

Store Owner Rob Jasinski

Rob opened Cream Vintage in 2002 after realizing that Austin was in dire need of a hip vintage store.  He’d helped some friends in California with designing and setting up their own vintage stores and quickly realized how well this could work in Austin. The store sells clothing, accessories, and shoes for both women and men. With handpicked items from LA, Miami, and Houston, Cream has some of the best quality vintage clothing from around the country.

One of the reasons that Cream is so different from other vintage stores in Austin is that it offers on-site alterations. The pricing is pretty decent, starting at $7 for clothing bought at the store. You can also bring in clothing from other places, but it’s slightly more expensive.

Cream Vintage also has their own “up-cycled” clothing line  called Whipped Cream. The line is made up of redesigned vintage clothing,  made to look a little more modern and even more one-of-a-kind than before.

While I was in the store, I heard a guy say to his friend, “This is the nicest, neatest vintage store I’ve ever been to.” I completely agree. As you can see in the photos, Cream is really organized. It’s not a huge store and there isn’t an overwhelming amount of clothing. It’s nice not having to dig for great finds, unlike at thrift stores. Check out last week’s visit to Savers for a comparison.

Of course, I ended up buying the cream dress. It’s currently being altered to fit perfectly. I can’t wait to pick it up when it’s ready!

For the campus store location, click here. For the South Congress store, click here.