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Room Service Vintage

By Destinee Hodge

107 East North Loop Boulevard Austin, TX 78751

The more I visit local vintage stores, the more I realize that “vintage” is really an entire culture. I finally went to Room Service Vintage this week after passing by the store for almost a month.

When you walk into the store there is so much to take in, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed.The best way to describe this store would be labyrinth-like. The photos really cannot capture exactly how many twists and turns there are, and how many shelves are inside.  You would be honestly hard-pressed to find empty space on any of the walls.

But, the minute you stop obsessing over how much stuff is in there, you can take a look around and are sure to find a plethora of vintage treasures.

“A lot of it’s nostalgia” said  Bill Goodpasture, who works in and helps manage the store. “A lot of people come in here because they remember something from their youth that they had and they want to relive that or it’s something that their grandmother had.”

The store’s main focus is furniture/decorative pieces but they have clothes and accessories as well. Goodpasture said that he’s seen a diversification of their clientele over the last few years.

“In the past, our clientele was mostly kids on the edge- hippie or doom and gloomers,” he said with a laugh. “But now, sorority girls and frat boys are coming in and have discovered us whereas before they would have never set foot in here because they would only buy new stuff. But now they’re shopping vintage, which is great.”

For some people, Room Service probably represents the paradox of choice;  you have everything you could possibly want to choose from, which can be overwhelming. However, for those who can get past the sheer volume of material, they are bound to find something that is one of a kind.

Room Service is open from 11a.m.-7p.m. daily and located on 107 East North Loop Boulevard Austin, TX 78751.


Hog Wild Vintage

By Destinee Hodge

100 E North Loop blvd #A Austin, TX 78751

Today I went to Hog Wild Vintage over in the North Loop area. Boy was I surprised to see just how much can fit into one store. It’s the first place we’ve reviewed on this blog that doesn’t focus specifically on clothes⎯but that doesn’t mean that the clothes selection was any less amazing.

This store looks like the stockroom for the set of an amazing vintage movie. Everything from 50s vintage lamps to 60s style mod couches, I can’t think of anything that you can’t find in the store.

Front View of the Store

Erin Brinjamar is a dealer at the store and said that it has been around for 18 years. “We get so many people that come in not knowing what they want but they’ll know it when they see it usually. Something calls them.”

A dealer is someone who owns a portion of the store. Brinjamar also goes around the country and helps with picking out items for the store. She said that while the store’s priority is furniture/lighting fixtures, the clothing section has been expanding over the last few years.

Clothes sorted by color

Currently, the clothing section occupies the entire back portion of the store, and includes both men and women’s clothes. The clothes are sorted by color, but aside from that it’s a free-for-all.  This may or may not work for some people, but if you like the treasure-hunt aspect of vintage shopping, you’ll love the gems that you find. The items are not only varied, but affordable and the store also has someone on hand to do alterations.

“We drive all over the country and we focus mainly on the furniture and we’re able to pick up clothes at a decent price,” Brinjamar said.

The store is open from 11a.m. to 7p.m. everyday.

50s Vintage Purse

Jewelry Selection