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That LBD (Little Black Dress)

By Destinee Hodge

So on my visit to Feathers Boutique  I came across a fabulous black dress that I was sorry to leave behind.

I think that I should start by saying that this gorgeous dress was on the 50% off rack and costed a grand total of $24 dollars. Yes, you read correctly. I didn’t know what to do with myself either. Honestly, the only thing that prevented me from walking out with it was the fact that it wasn’t my size. You better go pick it up before I get on the Dukan diet and get it tomorrow. But seriously, I think it’s a great price for a quality piece.

As far as the dress itself, the intricacy was what really made it a knock out. Look at the bust area. The criss-crossed neck with ruffle-type detailing is perfection.  And you’re not seeing things, there is indeed a charcoal gray stripe on the left side (your right side) of the dress. I guess you could go ahead and sue me now for false advertising (i.e. it’s not entirely black). However, it definitely works as a go-to piece for everything from an evening wedding to a glitzy cocktail party. Also, to reference my aims last week again, this would also work well as a staple for your graduation party season. You could pair this with a pair of strappy heels and you would be all set. Check out my review on Feathers Boutique for more information.


Sequin Silhouette

By Destinee Hodge

So on my visit to Prototype Vintage Design I was looking around for something that might be  good for the graduation party season. I along with so many of my friends will be celebrating success and will be looking for dresses for various outings. In perusing the racks, I saw an absolutely adorable sequin dress that would be amazingly versatile (perfect if you want to recycle a main piece for your looks).

Let’s talk about the fabulous detailing of the dress first. The layers of color ranging from black to pink make it not only more interesting but useful for many different outfits. You can think about pairing it with a nice blazer or  leggings depending on how formal the event is. Your shoe options with this dress are also infinite.  You could pair it with a great pair of boots or stilettos depending on the length of your night.

The dress was $68, not exactly on my “most affordable” list but definitely on my wish list.  Besides, if you plan on using the dress for multiple different outfits, it would definitely be a wise purchase.

Another detail that I really like about this dress is the bow tied around the waist. It adds definition without making the dress too busy. One word of caution with sequins is that they aren’t daytime friendly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen women wearing full-on sequin dresses during the day. It’s absolutely blinding to passers-by so make sure to stay considerate and leave these gorgeous pieces for the night time!

Summer and Spring are a Hogwild Thing: Dress & Jumpsuit Review

By Destinee Hodge

On my visit to Hog Wild Vintage I had a ball. Not only was there a wide selection of clothes to choose from, but they were all so well priced.  Before I could even get inside I was held-up by the sales racks outside the store. One rack had half-off items and the other had clearance clothing. Items for both men and women were included on the racks.

Sales Rack

I think that is an important tidbit since many of my guy friends are always complaining that they can never find men’s clothes as cheap as women can. Perhaps they should go vintage shopping a little more often. I think I should also mention that when I say clearance, I mean clearance. They had tops as cheap as $3 or $5 on the racks outside.

60s jumpsuit- $8

There were two items that really popped out as I perused the racks both inside an out. I was looking for clothes that would work for weather that we’re currently facing here in Austin. Both this 60s jumpsuit and 70s dress fit the bill perfectly. Not only are they exceptionally priced, (and for a bargain hunter like myself, that’s all-important) but they are in great condition.

From my experience, by the time clothes hit the clearance rack, they’re pretty much the worst of the worst. Save for a stain on the dress, both were in great condition. I think both items would be great for a day out on the town (especially if they’re coupled with a nice belt).

70s Dress- $12.50

Bow Tie Bohemia

Written by Natalie Garza

When I walked into New Bohemia, I was exited to see that the store was filled to the brim. There are great handpicked items from every decade for men, women and even children. I was immediately started picking up dresses, which are always my first go-item in any store. I tried on six different dresses and ended up purchasing this one. It’s not a coincidence that it was also the cheapest thing I tried on. Although the store had a great selection and was neatly organized, most of the things I picked up were between $45-$55, except for this $28 dress.

Vintage dress from New Bohemia

I really like this navy dress, which has an allover bow tie print. It’s really light and comfortable, so it’s perfect for the Texas heat. It’s exactly my style and I already have a lot of great accessories to go with it. It seems like there are an unlimited number of ways to style this versatile dress.

I'd probably wear this version to class. Oxfords are comfortable enough to walk around campus.

These are also comfortable shoes. I feel like this version looks a little dressier than the last, especially with the red belt.

I could never make it to class on time if I wore these shoes, but I love them.

The perfect outfit for my imaginary vacation to the French Riviera.

Which version do you like best?

Stripe Hype

By Destinee Hodge

On my visit to Ermine Vintage, I spotted a fabulous striped dress that had to come home with me. The dress was made sometime in the 1980s but has style references from the 1930s and 40s.

I have to say that I’m pretty bold with color combinations, but I don’t typically wear blue and purple together. However, something about this dress just works. I can’t wait to pair it with a nice belt (to break up the stripes) and some cute boots to make it come alive.

When I talked to Elizabeth (the storeowner) about the dress, she said it was one of her favorites from the store because it was made by Lanz of Austria. The Lanz brand was started by Josef Lanz and Fritz Mahler in  -you guessed it- Austria in 1922. Josef moved to the U.S. and in 1936, started a new store in New York. The brand has spread round the country ever since.

What started as a business based mostly on the manufacture of traditional costumes for Austrians quickly turned into an American favorite. This brand is on the top of the list for those vintage shoppers who go label hunting.

Anderson said she replaced the elastic band in the dress as a part of typical refurbishing she does to items she puts in the store. There are a million things you could rave about, but I think that the best thing of all is that the dress was only $10. That is by any standard, pretty hard to beat.

Ermine Vintage Has the Organizational Advantage

By Destinee Hodge

106 E. N Loop Blvd. Austin, TX 78751

I learned this weekend that if you want to delve in to vintage clothing culture in Austin, you have to make your way over to the North Loop area. The place is lined with unique stores that offer something for every type of vintage clothing shopper.

This weekend I found my way to Ermine Vintage to get a taste of the vintage scene, and I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed. Elizabeth Anderson, started the store last August. She had been dabbling in wholesale vintage sale for a few years but decided to branch out and have a place of her own.

“My philosophy is to make vintage clothing accessible,” said Anderson. “I love the treasure hunt aspect of it.”

Anderson hand selects all the items and unlike many other vintage stores, takes care to wash, steam and refurbish most of them.  “I do alterations for some of the clothes before I put them out, but I don’t do them for the general public,” she said.

The store carries everything from dresses and blouses from the 60s to 70s style eyewear. It carries clothing in all sizes for both men and women.

One thing I absolutely loved about the store was the fact that the items are sorted according to modern-day sizes. Anderson said that she uses J.C. Penny’s sizing system to organize the clothes. She said it makes it easier for customers to make their way through the store. I can definitely attest to that.I can also say that this issue is something that thwarted some of my vintage-shopping excursions in the past. I really enjoy searching for a good find, but I’d rather  not take all day to do it. If you share that sentiment, Ermine’s got you covered.

If you love vintage clothes, but you don’t want to sacrifice organization, Ermine Vintage is the place for you.

Springtime Dress Review

By Natalie Garza

Sometimes, I think I should just avoid going into Cream Vintage. I can’t explain it, but there’s some sort of magnetic pull that drags me in. It never fails; I ALWAYS find something. This dress, which is perfect for spring, is a result of one of those visits.

When I spied this dress on the rack, I was immediately drawn to the color and print.  I don’t usually wear all-over, bold prints, but this dress was just too perfect. It’s made of cotton, so it’s comfortable and breathable and the fitted waist is really flattering. When I first tried it on, I decided to get the hem taken up to fit my proportions better. It wasn’t until after it was already hemmed and in my closet that I realized the sleeves could be made a little smaller. A little tailoring just might make this dress become one of my favorites.

I decided to wear simple nude Target shoes with this dress. I added the necklace, also from Target, as a finishing touch. I wore a GAP denim jacket in the morning when it was 60°, but took it off by early afternoon. Here’s to another great purchase from Cream Vintage.