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That LBD (Little Black Dress)

By Destinee Hodge

So on my visit to Feathers Boutique  I came across a fabulous black dress that I was sorry to leave behind.

I think that I should start by saying that this gorgeous dress was on the 50% off rack and costed a grand total of $24 dollars. Yes, you read correctly. I didn’t know what to do with myself either. Honestly, the only thing that prevented me from walking out with it was the fact that it wasn’t my size. You better go pick it up before I get on the Dukan diet and get it tomorrow. But seriously, I think it’s a great price for a quality piece.

As far as the dress itself, the intricacy was what really made it a knock out. Look at the bust area. The criss-crossed neck with ruffle-type detailing is perfection.  And you’re not seeing things, there is indeed a charcoal gray stripe on the left side (your right side) of the dress. I guess you could go ahead and sue me now for false advertising (i.e. it’s not entirely black). However, it definitely works as a go-to piece for everything from an evening wedding to a glitzy cocktail party. Also, to reference my aims last week again, this would also work well as a staple for your graduation party season. You could pair this with a pair of strappy heels and you would be all set. Check out my review on Feathers Boutique for more information.


Feathers Boutique keeps it chic

By Destinee Hodge

I’m realizing that it’s quite a lucky thing to be able to get acquainted with all the fabulous vintage places around town doing this blog. I really liked the boutique feel of Prototype Vintage last week, so I decided to check out  Feathers Boutique  this week (which actually happens to be right next door).

When you first walk in, you have no concept of how large the store actually is, but once you hit the cashier’s desk you can look either way and see into the rooms filled with clothing on either side. The store has a modern, sleek and organized vibe. You definitely feel like you’ve stepped into a boutique off of Rodeo Drive. In short, not your average vintage store.

It caters to women only, and has everything from 80s inspired sequin covered blazers (yes, I’m on a sequin rampage) to vintage magazines. The clothes are sorted by color, which works when you have an idea as to what you’re looking for.

I will say here, as a matter of personal preference, I do tend to like to see clothes sorted by era because it really gives you the feeling that you’re buying something that’s vintage. There is something magical about knowing that a top is from the 60s or that a pair of jeans were worn by someone on their way to a 70s disco.

But overall, I think when you go into Feathers, you will certainly find something that is perfect for you. I also appreciated the variety in pricing. You can find something in the store from $5 to $200, which is not a quality that every vintage store can claim.

You can check out Feathers Boutique at 1700 South Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78704. They’re open from 11a.m.-7p.m. daily.

Sequin Silhouette

By Destinee Hodge

So on my visit to Prototype Vintage Design I was looking around for something that might be  good for the graduation party season. I along with so many of my friends will be celebrating success and will be looking for dresses for various outings. In perusing the racks, I saw an absolutely adorable sequin dress that would be amazingly versatile (perfect if you want to recycle a main piece for your looks).

Let’s talk about the fabulous detailing of the dress first. The layers of color ranging from black to pink make it not only more interesting but useful for many different outfits. You can think about pairing it with a nice blazer or  leggings depending on how formal the event is. Your shoe options with this dress are also infinite.  You could pair it with a great pair of boots or stilettos depending on the length of your night.

The dress was $68, not exactly on my “most affordable” list but definitely on my wish list.  Besides, if you plan on using the dress for multiple different outfits, it would definitely be a wise purchase.

Another detail that I really like about this dress is the bow tied around the waist. It adds definition without making the dress too busy. One word of caution with sequins is that they aren’t daytime friendly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen women wearing full-on sequin dresses during the day. It’s absolutely blinding to passers-by so make sure to stay considerate and leave these gorgeous pieces for the night time!

Prototype Vintage Design is Sublime

By Destinee Hodge

I really can’t believe the semester has gone by so quickly! I’m excited about how many great places around Austin we’ve been able to cover on the blog. After a whirlwind trip out of the country this weekend, I was definitely a little lost on which vintage store I should pay a visit to this week. I did some searching and decided on  Prototype Vintage Design. I have to say that it was an entirely unique experience compared to the other vintage stores I’ve been to for this blog.

This is definitely not your average vintage store. It’s impeccably clean and designed beautifully. It really feels like a high-end boutique with modern decor (from light fixtures to the type of music that’s playing).  Christina Kilgallon, an employee at the store said that it has been around for six years. ” The owners wanted to have a vintage store in Austin because they just loved thrifting and shopping for a long time,” she said.

The store features furniture and decorative fixtures but seems to focus mainly on clothing and accessories. The clothes are generally priced between $30 and $100, which isn’t cheap, but is pretty average for your typical vintage store.

The clothes are organized by gender, color and type. You’ll find women’s clothing and then subcategories like sequins or swimsuits to search by. I do wish that they would include more information on the tags  about the era the clothing is from, although I suppose you could always ask a store attendant if you were dying to know. Overall, you should definitely check Prototype out.

Sunglasses on display

Tiered shoe display

Women's clothing

Menswear section

Prototype is located on 1700 1/2 S. Congress, 78704 and open from 11 a.m. to 7p.m. daily.

Pretty Petticoat

By Destinee Hodge

Ah Petticoats. There’s much attached to the image of a petticoat.

We all had to go to New Bohemia this weekend and find a particular clothing item that we really liked. I must say that this store made it difficult to chose only one item. For instance, I happen to be a huge scarf fan, and boy was I quite pleased with the selection they had.

Knee-length powder pink petticoat

However, as I wandered around the half of the store dedicated to older items, I stopped in a particular section dedicated to undergarments. Don’t get the wrong idea people, we’re talking slips and such (insert smile). Anyway, I was immediately drawn to a couple of petticoats that I saw hanging on a separate rack. They practically screamed at me and told me to proclaim their virtues in my post this week. So here I go.

I’m sure we’ve all seen a petticoat sometime. They make appearances in our favorite Victorian-era movies (and lately, on some of our goth/emo friends). But rather than give you the typical spiel on the history of the garment (you can google it) I’d like to talk about how I would use these adorable pieces in the real world.

Needless to say, the petticoat is not for the faint of heart. But blending in is quite boring anyway. Of course,  you can wear the petticoat in its typical use (i.e. under a skirt or dress). You just have to make sure that the skirt is flared enough to facilitate the petticoat without being squished because of the hemline.

But, if you want to be daring, you should try wearing the petticoat as a skirt with leggings/tights underneath. Now this has limitations. If the petticoat has a long, fitted top, then it may not be such a good candidate.

I didn’t get this pretty in pink petticoat this weekend, but I’ll definitely be getting another one soon! Who knows, maybe it will be waiting for you 😉

New Bohemia Mania

By Destinee Hodge

New Bohemia 1606 South Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78704

New Bohemia is definitely a must-stop shop for those in search of great vintage clothing in the Austin area. The store features clothing and accessories for both men and women.

For starters, the store is huge. This is a huge advantage due to the sheer variety of clothing items that they can have in stock.  Everything from boots, to full-body slips are available. This sounds like something you would say about any vintage store (i.e. the whole point of the store is to have a variety of items inspired from the past). But New Bohemia really does have everything. So much so that the store is sectioned off into characteristics and then by era.

Clothes from the earlier eras

For example, one side of the store features clothing from the 40s, 50s and 60s on one side and clothes from the 70s and 80s on the other. If you go to the side featuring earlier eras, you’ll find a rack dedicated solely to summer-type dresses. Then, if you peruse the rack, you’ll notice that those dresses are then sorted by sleeve length. The same method is used for the “sparkle” section which happened to be one of my most favorite parts of the store.

Dresses sorted sleeve length

I think that this was definitely a stand-out characteristic of the store. You also felt very welcome seeing that men and women of all ages were shopping there.

So, if you want a place in Austin that features a large variety of vintage clothing, you should definitely take a stop at New Bohemia. You can visit the New Bohemia Yelp Page for more information.

Shoe selection in the earlier eras


Sparkle section

70s and 80s apparel