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Blue Velvet


217 W. North Loop, Austin, TX 78751

Located in the Highland Plaza, Blue Velvet is one of my favorite places to shop for a lot of stuff. Whether it be a plain vintage shirt or a unique accessory, this family-owned business has it all! When I first visited Blue Velvet, I was overwhelmed with a myriad of clothings that filled the store. However, most customers seem to come back to find unique things to coordinate their vintage look. Men’s and women’s shirts and bottoms fill the entire store with accessories including hats, scarves, bags, and more hanging on every side of the wall.

Blue Velvet also sells a lot of costumes. Whether you decide to wear it on Halloween or not, dresses are absolutely one of a kind! Dress-sizes range from XS to plus-sizes, so people can find clothings that fit just for them.

My favorite part of Blue Velvet is the accessories. The store has a lot of unique vintage pieces that I can add to my everyday style or to a night-out clothing.