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Vintage Timeline: Men’s Now and Then

By Pauline Lee



Raw Materials for Creative Living

1512 South Congress Ave., Austin TX 78704 / Photo by Pauline Lee

By Pauline Lee

If you’re a true vintage lover, Uncommon Objects is the store you should check out! Opened since 1991, Uncommon Objects is filled with a variety of objects from a century-old diamond ring to antique furniture from almost every era in American history!

Photo by Pauline Lee

While I was walking through the store, I felt like I was at a museum because of rare materials that I wouldn’t see at any other store. I can say Uncommon Objects isn’t a typical vintage store. As the store’s website describes itself, it is “your eccentric uncle’s attic on steroids”.

Photo by Pauline Lee

There are two long hallways throughout the store. A myriad of unique items caught my attention. I tried to focus on finding accessories and clothing that suit our Rags from the Past concept. However, it was hard to just pass by so many rare materials. For example, I had to stop and look at this typewriter from almost a century ago. Selling for $95, this is definitely one of a kind!

Uncommon Objects was created by 20 antique sellers, who got together and made a huge collection of raw materials for Austinites. Regulars probably come back constantly because you never know what you will find at the store.

Uncommon Objects is open Monday through Saturday 11:00am to 7:00pm (until 8:00pm on Friday and Saturday). Check it out at the SoCo shopping district and hopefully you will find an antique treasure for yourself!

Photo by Pauline Lee

Photo by Pauline Lee

Photo by Pauline Lee

Vintage Timeline: Women’s Now and Then

By Pauline Lee

So why do people love vintage so much? Just like Marketplace states, it is the idea of each item unlocking a little piece of wearable history. Click the image below to see what was popular in different eras and how women still wear it today!


Flashback to the Past

1805 South First Street in Austin TX 78704 / Photo by Pauline Lee

By Pauline Lee

Founded by Marsha Laine in 1982, Flashback has been one of top places vintage lovers find unique items in Austin. Styles ranging from the 20s to the late 80s, clothing and accessories are located in a house-style store that has different rooms. I’ve noticed they have a lot of spring/summer dresses in-stock. Flower-print dresses caught my eye when I first walked into the store.

The first room you see when you walk into the store. / Photo by Pauline Lee

Other customers seem to look at the dresses at first as well. The first room is really colorful and clothing of similar styles are also displayed. As you walk to the right, there is another room with antique accessories as well as clothing from the 20s to the 40s.

One section located in the second room. / Photo by Pauline Lee

The fun comes from finding unexpected items. Throughout the whole store, you can find unique vintage items like disco balls and Elvis Presley posters. As I explored the store, I really felt like I was taking a journey to the past. Flashback fits perfectly with its literal definition stated in a dictionary: a past incident recurring vividly in the mind. The store has many items from pop culture of different era as well as items for Austinites. Cowboy boots are displayed in three different rooms.

Cowboy boots and hat displayed in one of the rooms with men's clothing. / Photo by Pauline Lee

Cheap accessories! / Photo by Pauline Lee

Outdoor look of the store. / Photo by Pauline Lee

Entrance to other rooms. / Photo by Pauline Lee

New Bohemia: Prom and Party Dresses 2011

By Pauline Lee

Photo by Pauline Lee

Looking for a dress to wear at prom this year? New Bohemia has it all!

Dress 1:

Photo by Pauline Lee

Style: 20s
Price: $42.00
Size: One-size
Description: Draped shoulders

Dress 2:

Photo by Pauline Lee

Style: 80s
Price: $58.00
Size: Medium (B: 38″ and W: 32″)
Description: Purple sequin

Dress 3:

Photo by Pauline Lee

Style: 90s
Price: $45.00
Size: Medium
Description: Strapless dress; textured poly top; double ruffle skirt

New Bohemia: Customers say, “Cool boots!”

By Pauline Lee

Photo by Pauline Lee

Visiting New Bohemia is top on a to-do list for many visitors from other cities. Many Texans suggest New Bohemia to people visiting Austin if they are looking for a local vintage store that has a western wear. When you first walk into the store, you will see a myriad of cowboy boots lined up against the wall.

Cowboy boots lined up at New Bohemia. /Photo by Pauline Lee

Customer 1 (Houston, TX): “Boots are so cool. It is my first time visiting and there’s a lot to look at. We are not regulars. We’re from Houston but we’re definitely coming back to this store.”

Photo by Pauline Lee



Customer 2 (Austin, TX): “My wife and I are both designers and we love coming to this store. Today, we are shopping for a vintage look from the 50s. There is a party tonight and we knew exactly where to come for that. My son, who is 14, is a regular at New Bohemia and he suggested here when we first moved here. We’re originally from Kansas. We love shopping here!”

Customer 3 (Austin, TX): “I’m just here to look at party dresses. They have really cute stuff and I love to wear them to downtown. [There are] many different styles to choose from.”

Blue Velvet


217 W. North Loop, Austin, TX 78751

Located in the Highland Plaza, Blue Velvet is one of my favorite places to shop for a lot of stuff. Whether it be a plain vintage shirt or a unique accessory, this family-owned business has it all! When I first visited Blue Velvet, I was overwhelmed with a myriad of clothings that filled the store. However, most customers seem to come back to find unique things to coordinate their vintage look. Men’s and women’s shirts and bottoms fill the entire store with accessories including hats, scarves, bags, and more hanging on every side of the wall.

Blue Velvet also sells a lot of costumes. Whether you decide to wear it on Halloween or not, dresses are absolutely one of a kind! Dress-sizes range from XS to plus-sizes, so people can find clothings that fit just for them.

My favorite part of Blue Velvet is the accessories. The store has a lot of unique vintage pieces that I can add to my everyday style or to a night-out clothing.