Splendor stays true to its name

100 W. North Loop Unit H. Austin, Texas 78751

I’m glad I saved this store for my last post. I’ve been wanting to visit Splendor since I first read about it on the Vintage Around Town Guide. I had a feeling it would be the perfect store for me. And I was right!

Stephanie Jimenez, the owner of Splendor, was nice enough to talk with me about her store during my visit Friday.

Isn't her outfit fantastic?

Stephanie said she wanted to open a store that offered customer’s top quality vintage clothing at the most affordable prices. She calls Splendor a “retrofit boutique” because the vintage pieces chosen for the store are influenced by the latest trends.

The store’s clothing and accessories are bought by Stephanie and her two sisters from around the country. Together, Stephanie, in her 30’s, her younger sister in her 20’s, and her older sister in her 40’s, make a great trio at handpicking the best quality vintage items.

Splendor really does feel more like a boutique, rather than a vintage store. It’s a single room with clothes neatly organized by style and era on racks around the walls with a centerpiece table of accessories. The prices were pretty affordable, considering that everything is handpicked by very stylish sisters and dry cleaned before it’s put on the floor.

In addition to the awesome hand-picked vintage items, Splendor offers feather hair extensions, which are the latest trend for Austinites. Although I haven’t tried them, they do look nice on everyone I’ve seen with them, including Stephanie.

Splendor may one of the newest vintage stores in town, but it’s sure to stick around. Even if you don’t normally shop for vintage clothing, because each item is chosen based on current trends, anyone can find something to fit their style in Splendor.

I’ll definitely be dropping in the store again soon to find my next vintage treasure!


2 responses to “Splendor stays true to its name

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  2. This place looks awesome! That skirt you got from there is very pretty. Now that classes are over, I have time to shop again!

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