Splendor Skirt

This is the skirt I ended up buying from Splendor after much deliberation. I found plenty of things that I wanted, but I only allowed myself to try on maxi skirts and a few belts. I felt inspired after seeing Stephanie, the owner, wearing hers. If I don’t limit myself to only one type of clothing item, I’ll go crazy and try on the whole store. Oh, the dangers of awesome vintage stores.

I have worn this skirt twice already since I bought it Friday. I immediately changed into it as soon as I arrived home. Then, I wore it again to work the next day. It’s made of lightweight cotton gauze so it’s super comfortable and perfect for the summer heat.

I decided to keep the rest of my outfit simple by pairing the skirt with a solid top. Then, I added a yellow headband, brown belt, and beige sandals to tie it all together.  Although I kept it simple at first, I can definitely see this skirt with some bold accessories next time.


2 responses to “Splendor Skirt

  1. I love these types of skirts, especially for the summer. I’ve never been to Splendor…but I’m also behind on vintage shopping in general. This is neat and something to check out.

  2. Nice coordination! Simple but not boring 🙂

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