Raw Materials for Creative Living

1512 South Congress Ave., Austin TX 78704 / Photo by Pauline Lee

By Pauline Lee

If you’re a true vintage lover, Uncommon Objects is the store you should check out! Opened since 1991, Uncommon Objects is filled with a variety of objects from a century-old diamond ring to antique furniture from almost every era in American history!

Photo by Pauline Lee

While I was walking through the store, I felt like I was at a museum because of rare materials that I wouldn’t see at any other store. I can say Uncommon Objects isn’t a typical vintage store. As the store’s website describes itself, it is “your eccentric uncle’s attic on steroids”.

Photo by Pauline Lee

There are two long hallways throughout the store. A myriad of unique items caught my attention. I tried to focus on finding accessories and clothing that suit our Rags from the Past concept. However, it was hard to just pass by so many rare materials. For example, I had to stop and look at this typewriter from almost a century ago. Selling for $95, this is definitely one of a kind!

Uncommon Objects was created by 20 antique sellers, who got together and made a huge collection of raw materials for Austinites. Regulars probably come back constantly because you never know what you will find at the store.

Uncommon Objects is open Monday through Saturday 11:00am to 7:00pm (until 8:00pm on Friday and Saturday). Check it out at the SoCo shopping district and hopefully you will find an antique treasure for yourself!

Photo by Pauline Lee

Photo by Pauline Lee

Photo by Pauline Lee


2 responses to “Raw Materials for Creative Living

  1. This is store was really creepy the first time a paid a visit, but as I took the time to look around, I did see a few interesting things that could make for cool additions to rooms. My favorite was the antique jewelry and the light fixtures. Definitely going back soon

  2. Honestly I was creeped out at certain objects I saw too. But jewelry section was also my favorite part too! Sadly, the worker wouldn’t allow me take pictures of it. You should definitely check out their antique diamond rings and necklaces!

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