Vintage All Day, Everyday

By Natalie Garza

I didn’t have time to visit another vintage store this week, so I decided to write a different kind of post. This is a recap of the vintage items I’ve worn recently.


I chose this outfit specifically for this Oscar de la Renta blazer. I couldn’t believe when I found it at Cream Vintage. It fit perfectly and goes with plenty of things already in my closet.


I bought this bright red-orange maxi skirt on Etsy. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, but I had a gut feeling about it. And it only cost $10!


This dress is another great Cream Vintage find. After I bought it, I realized it was a perfect Easter dress. Even though I didn’t do anything special to celebrate, I was able to wear it to work on that Sunday.


3 responses to “Vintage All Day, Everyday

  1. I want to raid your closet! And this is sad, but I’ve never actually step foot into Cream Vintage even though I pass by it multiple times a day.

  2. You found an Oscar de la Renta blazer at Cream?! Oh my goodness. I’ve found many great things there, but not THAT great. Congratulations on that find!

  3. I also pass by Cream a lot without stepping inside, and I always got the feeling it’s expensive and uptight. While I prefer cheaper clothing, your post has convinced me to at least check it out! And cute outfits- there wasn’t a single one I wasn’t fond of!

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