Flashback to the Past

1805 South First Street in Austin TX 78704 / Photo by Pauline Lee

By Pauline Lee

Founded by Marsha Laine in 1982, Flashback has been one of top places vintage lovers find unique items in Austin. Styles ranging from the 20s to the late 80s, clothing and accessories are located in a house-style store that has different rooms. I’ve noticed they have a lot of spring/summer dresses in-stock. Flower-print dresses caught my eye when I first walked into the store.

The first room you see when you walk into the store. / Photo by Pauline Lee

Other customers seem to look at the dresses at first as well. The first room is really colorful and clothing of similar styles are also displayed. As you walk to the right, there is another room with antique accessories as well as clothing from the 20s to the 40s.

One section located in the second room. / Photo by Pauline Lee

The fun comes from finding unexpected items. Throughout the whole store, you can find unique vintage items like disco balls and Elvis Presley posters. As I explored the store, I really felt like I was taking a journey to the past. Flashback fits perfectly with its literal definition stated in a dictionary: a past incident recurring vividly in the mind. The store has many items from pop culture of different era as well as items for Austinites. Cowboy boots are displayed in three different rooms.

Cowboy boots and hat displayed in one of the rooms with men's clothing. / Photo by Pauline Lee

Cheap accessories! / Photo by Pauline Lee

Outdoor look of the store. / Photo by Pauline Lee

Entrance to other rooms. / Photo by Pauline Lee


2 responses to “Flashback to the Past

  1. Man, I can’t get over how excellent you guys’s photos are! I don’t know if all vintage shops are just super colorful and exciting on the inside, but I’m always amazed by how well you capture the best elements of every store. Well done!

  2. Thank you! I tried to capture the variety of items they had. You should check it out one day!

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