What about vintage clothing inspires you?

By Destinee Hodge and Natalie Garza

We took a look around to find out why some people opt to buy vintage clothing. Three ladies give their perspective in this video.


5 responses to “What about vintage clothing inspires you?

  1. The two ladies that spoke about buying vintage as a way to go green really opened my eyes to more reasons on why I should go vintage. I personally always did it because it was cheaper or because the clothes weren’t so “cookie cutter.” I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I never even thought about the environmental implications of my insane shopping habits.

  2. I’m with Thu, I never had any idea that buying clothes could be green. Before this I would have thought that meant wearing all plastic or something.

  3. Love this. Its a different aspect to bring to your blog, and just what was said in the video was really informative. I’ve never thought about how the clothes I love to buy are made, and that just by buying vintage clothing, I could be effecting so much. Thanks for posting this.

  4. awesome video! vintage fashion is such a big trend in austin — I appreciate hearing some perspective on why it is!

  5. Great job, ladies! I’m a vegetarian and environmentalist also, and I almost did an entire multimedia project last semester about the environmental benefits of buying vintage and thrifted clothing, but my T.A. talked me out of it because he didn’t understand why this kind of shopping is green. It’s great to see these ladies articulate it. Reusing consumer products of all kinds, clothing included, reduces the demand for further production and consumption which are harming the environment and contributing to the exploitation of third world cultures by multinational corporations. Stepping off my soap box now. Thanks for making this video!

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