Pretty Petticoat

By Destinee Hodge

Ah Petticoats. There’s much attached to the image of a petticoat.

We all had to go to New Bohemia this weekend and find a particular clothing item that we really liked. I must say that this store made it difficult to chose only one item. For instance, I happen to be a huge scarf fan, and boy was I quite pleased with the selection they had.

Knee-length powder pink petticoat

However, as I wandered around the half of the store dedicated to older items, I stopped in a particular section dedicated to undergarments. Don’t get the wrong idea people, we’re talking slips and such (insert smile). Anyway, I was immediately drawn to a couple of petticoats that I saw hanging on a separate rack. They practically screamed at me and told me to proclaim their virtues in my post this week. So here I go.

I’m sure we’ve all seen a petticoat sometime. They make appearances in our favorite Victorian-era movies (and lately, on some of our goth/emo friends). But rather than give you the typical spiel on the history of the garment (you can google it) I’d like to talk about how I would use these adorable pieces in the real world.

Needless to say, the petticoat is not for the faint of heart. But blending in is quite boring anyway. Of course,  you can wear the petticoat in its typical use (i.e. under a skirt or dress). You just have to make sure that the skirt is flared enough to facilitate the petticoat without being squished because of the hemline.

But, if you want to be daring, you should try wearing the petticoat as a skirt with leggings/tights underneath. Now this has limitations. If the petticoat has a long, fitted top, then it may not be such a good candidate.

I didn’t get this pretty in pink petticoat this weekend, but I’ll definitely be getting another one soon! Who knows, maybe it will be waiting for you 😉

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