New Bohemia: Customers say, “Cool boots!”

By Pauline Lee

Photo by Pauline Lee

Visiting New Bohemia is top on a to-do list for many visitors from other cities. Many Texans suggest New Bohemia to people visiting Austin if they are looking for a local vintage store that has a western wear. When you first walk into the store, you will see a myriad of cowboy boots lined up against the wall.

Cowboy boots lined up at New Bohemia. /Photo by Pauline Lee

Customer 1 (Houston, TX): “Boots are so cool. It is my first time visiting and there’s a lot to look at. We are not regulars. We’re from Houston but we’re definitely coming back to this store.”

Photo by Pauline Lee



Customer 2 (Austin, TX): “My wife and I are both designers and we love coming to this store. Today, we are shopping for a vintage look from the 50s. There is a party tonight and we knew exactly where to come for that. My son, who is 14, is a regular at New Bohemia and he suggested here when we first moved here. We’re originally from Kansas. We love shopping here!”

Customer 3 (Austin, TX): “I’m just here to look at party dresses. They have really cute stuff and I love to wear them to downtown. [There are] many different styles to choose from.”


3 responses to “New Bohemia: Customers say, “Cool boots!”

  1. I love all the selection for boots! I wish I had known about this place when I was looking to buy a pair several years ago.

  2. I like how you mix things up with this post- the customer comments are interesting and a testament to the quality of the store. I also really like your photos- they’re really good! Everything about them is awesome- the variety in color, content, and distance of the shot. Great work!

  3. Great post.
    I have been in boot phase for a little bit now. I love how you can wear them forever if you don’t really abuse them. I had said I wouldn’t buy new ones for awhile, but I’ll have to check this place out.

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