Springtime Dress Review

By Natalie Garza

Sometimes, I think I should just avoid going into Cream Vintage. I can’t explain it, but there’s some sort of magnetic pull that drags me in. It never fails; I ALWAYS find something. This dress, which is perfect for spring, is a result of one of those visits.

When I spied this dress on the rack, I was immediately drawn to the color and print.  I don’t usually wear all-over, bold prints, but this dress was just too perfect. It’s made of cotton, so it’s comfortable and breathable and the fitted waist is really flattering. When I first tried it on, I decided to get the hem taken up to fit my proportions better. It wasn’t until after it was already hemmed and in my closet that I realized the sleeves could be made a little smaller. A little tailoring just might make this dress become one of my favorites.

I decided to wear simple nude Target shoes with this dress. I added the necklace, also from Target, as a finishing touch. I wore a GAP denim jacket in the morning when it was 60°, but took it off by early afternoon. Here’s to another great purchase from Cream Vintage.


2 responses to “Springtime Dress Review

  1. I love your outfit reviews! I haven’t done much vintage shopping, but the fact that you can take something from Cream Vintage, and pair with recent trends from affordable places, makes for an exciting deal. Its cool to see the mix and match. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I’m not a big vintage shopper, I tend to go with whatever matches in my closet. You know, tossing something on so I look decent when I go to class. I am looking for cute skirts, so I can expand my wardrobe, and I hope Cream’s skirt selection is as cute as your reviews say. Thanks for the fashion tips!

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