Life Inside the Box

By Destinee Hodge

They say that you should “step outside the box” every now and then. My opinion is that sometimes, you should step into it.

I don’t happen to be a huge fan of graphic tees and such, but I must say that this vintage Audrey Hepburn Box purse does all the right things.I regret to inform you that it seems that you can find more information about Rebecca Black on the internet than the box purse. All I can tell you is that it originated in the 30s or 40s with a more rectangular shape and eventually took the current shape that is more accommodating to cigar boxes.

My grandmother actually gave me this purse a few years ago when she owned a nice trinket store. I think it’s a good example of the idea that vintage does not always mean that the item itself is ancient. I’m pretty sure this was made in the early 2000s. What it does say is that box purses and Audrey Hepburn are to be admired….and who can disagree with that?

I’ve worn it to add a little interest to a casual outfit (i.e. t-shirt and jeans). I must put a disclaimer on this accessory- it does make people take a gander. But honestly, who can blame them?

Check out my slideshow  below that has four other views of the purse. I love that it’s sturdy (ie. wooden back, hinged opening. I also think that the jeweled handle and latch add great finishing touches. Enjoy, and take a trip to the past with a version of a box purse that works for you!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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