Savers: Thrift Store Heaven

By Natalie Garza


I’ve always been a fan of shopping at Goodwill, so when I heard that Savers is even better, I was pretty excited. I went for the first time last Wednesday, which is my only free afternoon of the week. I figured I’d probably be there for at least an hour and a half. That’s the thing with shopping at thrift and vintage stores. You have to be willing to dig through a lot of stuff to find the hidden jewels, so it’s not usually going to be an in-and-out kind of deal.

My technique for shopping in places with a LOT of clothing is to pick up the items that my eyes are drawn to. Basically, I first look at colors, then I check the material and feel the texture, and finally I check the size. I try to imagine it with other things in my closet and if I can think of with at least two outfits, it goes in my cart. Yes, they have shopping carts!

If you’re lucky, you can find a vintage item at a thrift store. I didn’t find any on this trip to Savers, but there’s always next time. Keep in mind that the sizing is different and you’ll probably be about 4 to 6 sizes larger than your regular size. For example, I’m an 8 in modern clothing, but the last few vintage dresses I bought were 12’s and 14’s. I also get a lot of clothing, mostly dresses, altered to fit perfectly.

After trying on about 12 things, these are the items I bought:

I'm looking forward to wearing the tunic on the right with my white skinny jeans and some wedges.

Dresses are always my favorite finds.

This fur scarf will be perfect with cardigans next winter.

I got everything for $32. On Wednesday’s, students get 20% off each item. Just remember to take your ID!

Here’s a great tutorial about thrifting, written by a Elissa, a blogger I met at the recent Texas Style Council Conference. This is just Part one of the Dress with Courage Thrifting 101 series. She’s written nine!

Here’s a great blog post about shopping for vintage clothing.


2 responses to “Savers: Thrift Store Heaven

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  2. Amanda Robalin

    Obsessed with Savers! Just a fun idea—with summer upon us, ripped cutoff shorts are an essential. Boyfriend-fit is my fave, so I like to buy oversized men’s jeans and cut them myself to fit me in a way thats loose and comfortable. So fun and CHEAP–two new pairs of great jean shorts for $6? yes please!

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